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Testimonials from some of our Coaches:










Malgosha used to be a teacher like you. She has now exceeded her previous income, quit the classroom, and even bought a house. And what’s more? She is still part of our community, thriving.

Madalyn replaced her teaching income just five weeks into the program. She calls our program 'revolutionary.'

Lisa, a math coach, urges those still in the traditional classroom to consider this change. "If you want to get out of the classroom, this is an awesome way to do it," she says.

Krysten, a former math teacher, now revels in her new 'super-powers' of building a business for herself, without having to answer to anyone else.

Sharon was a tutor before she joined us. Now as a Learning Success Coach, she has quadrupled her income and cut her hours by half.

Mechelle, a special needs teacher, is overjoyed with our methodology. She exclaims, "What you are teaching is phenomenal."

Chris, an AP high school teacher, now enjoys the freedom to stay at home with his kids.

Emily, an elementary teacher, firmly believes that this program is 'the future of teaching.'

Dear Fellow Educators,

I'm Kohila Sivas…

I have walked the path you're walking now.

I remember vividly those exhausting 60-hour weeks, the pay that barely acknowledged the effort we put into our roles as teachers, and the overwhelming sense of disillusionment that came with it all. I felt trapped, as if I were drowning in a system that was supposed to uplift.

But today, I stand here as someone who managed to transform that sinking feeling into a liberating journey

—an escape from the broken education system and into a fulfilling, profitable online coaching career. As a Learning Success Coach, you can easily double your current teacher’s income working less than 20 hours per week. I'm not sharing this to boast but to let you know it’s achievable.

The Broken System You Have To Let Go Of…

A disheartening revelation: recent studies indicate that 44% of teachers are considering leaving their profession by 2027.

The reasons? The strain on mental health, excessive workload, and frustratingly low pay. It's a dismal statistic, and I find it heartbreaking that so many good teachers will be lost to the profession.

But remember this—it doesn't have to be this way.

What if you could still follow your passion for teaching but on your own terms?

No stress, no endless hours spent buried under paperwork, no compromising on your worth.

What if you could still have an impact on young lives and enjoy the respect, income, and balance you truly deserve?


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